Linguistic expeditions





Photogallery: Tutonchany, Evenkia, July-August 2008







The village of Tutonchany


Tutonchany before the rain

 Tutonchany Administration building

Tutonchany Administration at work

Tutonchany hospital: our shelter for a week






Tutonchany secondary school: our shelter for another week

A computer classroom in Tutonchany secondary school

The building site for a new boarding school in Tutonchany

Tutonchany helicopter landing area




Northern delivery. A self-propelled barge coming

A kitchen garden in Tutonchany






A Tutonchany cow

Tutonchany flowers

Tutonchany dogs

Tutonchany dogs having a rest

People of Tutonchany





Big family: Konstantin Dmitrievich Khutokogir, mother of his son-in-law Nina Gordeyevna Uvachan, his daughter and his grandsons

Tutonchany Children

Tutonchany schoolgirls: they know just a couple of Evenki words






Innokentiy Nikolayevich Lapushkin

Vasiliy Natesovich Kokore, a Nganasan inhabitant of Tutonchany

Nikita Mayevich Mukto

Anatoliy Naumovich Arkancha with his wife Galina Konstantinovna Lipchikan and her friend


Natalia Vasilievna Khirogir with her son

Nikolay Dmitriyevich Khukochar

Waiting for a helicopter

Language informants





Praskovia Kirillovna Pankagir

Valentina Pavlovna Khukochar

Mariya Dmitriyevna Lapushkina


Konstantin Dmitrievich Khutokogir and Ilya Evstafievich Khukochar

Danila Afanasievich Khukochar

Maksim Dmitriyevich Khukochar, the only young person in Tutonchany able to speak Evenki

Expedition work




Filling in a sociolinguistic questionnaire (Lena Kliachko and Svetlana Dmitrievna Bondareva)

Before audio recording séance (Danila Afanasievich Khukochar and Masha Luneva)

Audio recording the Evenki dictionary (Konstantin Dmitrievich Khutokogir and Lena Kliachko)






The work has been done (1) (Konstantin Dmitrievich Khutokogir, Lena Kliachko and Zhenia Golovko) The work has been done (2) (Danila Afanasievich Khukochar and Nadia Mamontova) Transcribing and translating Evenki texts (Valentina Pavlovna Khukochar and Nadia Mamontova)


Expedition life




Our ‘bedroom’ in Tutonchany hospital

Our ‘bedroom’ in Tutonchany secondary school

Kitchen work (Zhenia Golovko and Julia Sapach)





It's supper time

Our friends-informants gave us a feast

Contact established
(Masha Luneva and Tutonchany dogs)