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08.07.2020, 2 p.m. -

online lecture

28-29 September 2018

International Conference "From Computer-based Linguistic Data Archives to Linguistic Online Corpora: Vladislav M. Andryushchenko Memorial Conference"




Мероприятие организовано в рамках международной инициативы Abralin ao Vivo - Linguists Online


Ольга Анатольевна Казакевич, к.филол.н., заведующая лабораторией исследования и сохранения малых языков Института языкознания РАН

Olga A. Kazakevich,
Candidate of Science, Philology, Head of the Minority Language Research and Preservation Laboratory, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences


Autochthonous languages of Siberia and the Far East: documentation, functioning, language contacts and language shift in ethno-local groups


In the lecture I’ll try to give a panorama of autochthonous languages of Siberia and the Russian Far East touching upon their documentation, current functioning, language contacts in the area and the results of these contacts, language shift in some local groups of autochthonous populations. I’ll trace back the starting points and the development of language shift process in several ethno-local groups up to the beginning of the previous century and try to reveal general and local factors contributing to this process. Finally, I’ll discuss some issues concerning language preservation and/or revitalization in the area.


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