Linguistic expeditions





Pertsova, Natalya Nikolaevna

Present Position
1976 – current: Moscow State University
Scientific Research Computer Center
Currently - Leading Research Scholar

Education and Professional Training
University Degrees
Moscow State Institute of  Foreign Languages (currently - Moscow Linguistic University), Translation Faculty, Department of Machine Translation

Graduate work - Department of General Linguistics



Kandidat degree.

"K probleme modelirovaniia ponimaniia teksta". Degree granted through Moscow State University, Department of Structural and Applied Linguistics, V.A.Zvegintsev, Head



Doctor degree.

"Slovotvorchestvo i svjazannye s nim problemy idiostilja Velimira

Xlebnikova. Degree granted through Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of the Russian language


Professional Experience

Moscow State Institute of Foreign Languages,

Laboratory of Machine Translation, Junior Research Scholar. Head of Laboratory - V.Ju. Rosenzveig


Teaching Experience

The Department of Algorithmical Languages, School of Computational Mathematics and Cybernatics, Moscow State University. Cources included "Semantic Models", "Current Problems of Linguistics", etc.

University of Klagenfurth, Austria, Departmentof General Linguistics. Course: "Linguistic Aspects of Artificial Intelligence". Graduate level

Russian State Humanitary University, Department of General and Applied Linguistics. Course: "Automatic Text Processing"

Moscow State Linguistic University,  Department of General Linguistics. Courses: "Introduction to general linguistisc", "Semantics"


Research Interests

Natural Language Semantics, Derivation, Neologisms of Russian Futurists and Symbolists, Leibnitz's Linguistic Studies, Linguistic Aspects of Artificial Intelligence



Upwards of 90, including:

Velimir Khlebnikov’s Coinages. Moscow: MGU, 2003.

Dictionary of Velimir Khlebnikov's Neologisms. Wiener Slawistischer Almanach. Sonderband 40, 1995.

Formalization of Interpretation of the Word. Moscow: MGU, 1988.

Problems of Contemporary Semantics in the Light of 17th century West European  Philosophy. Moscow, 1988.

Semantics of the Word in Leibnitz's Linguistic Conception. Moscow, 1985.


Translations & Abstracts & Review Articles

Upwards of 30 translations of linguistics and literary-criticism articles, including Jakobson, Lyons, Fillmore, Z.Vendler, Katz, and Lakoff, pricipally for series "Novoe v zarubezhnoj linguistike". (New Work in Linguistics Abroad) for Progress Publishers.  Upwards of 150 abstracts appeared in series of the Institute of Scientific and Technical  Information (VINITI) of the Academy of Sciences, Referativnyi zhurnal and Ekspress- informatsiia. Major review articles on Terry Winograd's and Yorik A. Wilks's work


Conferences and Lectures (selected)

1982, Prague, COLING. "On the Types of Seman tic Compression of Text". 1989, Prague, Charles University, Conference on Automatic Text Processing. "Automatic Model of Russian Derivation".

1990, Boston, Bolt Beranek & Newman Institute, Brandeis University. "Automatic Processing of Russian".

1992, Darmstadt, GMD, International Workshop on the Meaning - Text Theory. "Implementation of Lexical Functions in Automatic Derivational Analysis of Russian".

1997, SUNY, UCLA, Columbia Un-ty, Portland State Un-ty. "Khlebnikov's sign language".

2002, Amsterdam, International Conference "Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922)...". "Word and drawing in Xlebnikov's manuscripts".

2006, Lyon, Un-ty Lyon-3, International Conference "Velimir Khlebnikov...". “Comparison of early and late Khlebnikov’s manuscripts”.


Grants (selected)

Grant by the fund "Cultural Iniciative" (Jorge Soros's fund), grant number Z7 5000/450, :"Разработка формальной словообразовательной грамматики русского языка", title: "Razrabotka formal'noj slovoobrazovatel'noj grammatiki russkogo jazyka, 1994-1995.

Grant by the J.William Fulbright Scholarship Board, grant number: 21259, issue date: 06/26/96, discipline: Language and Literatures (non-U.S.), category: research, title: Preparation of Critical Edition of V. Khlebnikov's Draft Notebooks, 1997.